Greenhouses are a great way to create a controlled growing environment that will help increase productivity while also extending growing periods.

Janet Kilburn Philips said: There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.

The Michigan DEQ does it's best to make sure the environment is sustainable. But a gh allows the user to be in complete control of their mini environment.

What is a greenhouse? It is a a glass building in which plants are grown that need protection from cold weather. It can also be made out of other materials.

Greenhouses can be used in cold, any environment. They used to be hard to build. But in today's day and age, they have become extremely easy to assemble.

Greenhouses in Depth


Materials Needed

  1. Support beams of any material
    • can be made of wood
    • can be made of pvc
    • can be made of plastic
    • all materials should be tempered to outside weather
  2. A transparent tarp
  3. A space layout
  4. A watering system

Greenhouses can also be made of small transparent containers.


A device used to measure theambient temperature of the greenhouse.
A device used to measure the relative humidity of the greenhouse.
Anything that allows light to pass through. This is extremely important when making greenhouses.
Anything that can be used to wrap and conceal the whole greenhouse and thus separate it from the elements.
A plan on paper for how the greenhouse will fit in your outdoor space.
Watering System
You'll need to get water into the greenhouse, so setting up pipes, a sprinkler or a an underground water distribution unit.

Plants Fruit Flowers
Cucumbers Strawberries Marigolds
Turnips Oranges Hydrangeas
Carrots Raspberries Sunflowers

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